As I was climbing up Machu Picchu with the rain permeating my rain jacket, my backpack and every layer of clothing on me saturated through, I thought to myself …why am I doing this and why didn’t I wear waterproof mascara. A self declared “experienced hiker” had just explained to me that the path was too dangerous ahead with “torrential” rain, and that she was turning back, plus that I should too.

This seems to be how the story goes with goals. You put something on a list, you fantasise about doing it, and channel all your resources into accomplishing it, but amidst the process of actually completing it, some little hypothetical fella, definitely with a dirty cockney accent, I’ll call him Reggi, yells “you a’nt got what it takes”

With a whopping 79 goals remaining on my 20’s to-do list, I can’t afford to indulge my self-doubt anymore. I made the list with one concept in mind, time moves fast, even more so as we get older, thus I’ve got to make the most of it.  If left to my own devices I’d probably greet thirty with a wine-induced beer-gut, and a few half-written songs on guitar to accompany the the lousy feeling of self-disappointment.

So I kept marching on in the rain, and I did it, I sat at the top of Machu Pichhu. Eventually the rain disappeared and the beautiful view from the top of the mountain was revealed, and I decided that It’s time to get on with finishing my masters, no matter what Reggi says.

So now I’m three weeks back from Machu Picchu.

Yeah, you got me, I skimmed over some of the details there. Let me summarize, ate Peruvian food, meet great travellers, got to know a colleague better, learnt more about Peruvian culture and um, got mugged in Lima. Yip, a down note at the end of a trip. So now I have a new short-term goal which is fill up the old bank account to an acceptable level after being robbed and paying for the trip, but the great thing is I have a new found focus, the push to get on and finish my masters (and then get thinking about the PhD).

With this in mind, I’m going to climb into a little work/study cave for a few weeks and juggle my commitments there, and who knows, maybe I will stop using Facebook. Why are you laughing? Ok, maybe I’ll restrict my time on Facebook.

Chau chicos!

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  1. yeah! i liked reading the words masters and phd 🙂


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