Britney Spears and vineyards

Britney Spears and vineyards

I saw Britney Spears live in concert last night, ahhh (imagine the screaming of a crazed fan). I wouldn’t say I could be awarded the “crazed” fan status, but I’m certainly your average, I like her music for the gym and dancing, kind of fan. To be honest, I didn’t pay that much attention to the media stream of Britney Spears until they started calling me “Britney” at the gym, and then at Mauy Thai. I like to think that I look like her, because really, who doesn’t want to be compared to a super hot international pop star. The reality however is probably I play my music far to loud in my headphones when working out,  I need dance music to give me the will to keep moving when I’m running on a treadmill. My hopes for the concert weren’t extreme, because I’ve left so many concerts before thinking to myself that I would have got more entertainment listening to their CD on my iPod for two hours.

This wasn’t a concert, it was a performance. Yes, maybe Britney is partial to a bit of playback (like lip-syncing, but with a live version in use as well), but it wasn’t about her singing as much as it was about entertaining. The whole show was a story with a video interlaced between the songs. It contained amazing dances, gymnasts, pyrotechnics, awesome props, great live footage, incredible mixes of the songs (better than the radio version)!! It far exceeded my expectations. If you get a chance to go, I would recommend it. Oh I forgot to mention, she was smoking hot on that stage. She knows how to work it at 30.


In other news, I went to a vineyard in the weekend! It was fantastic! Reminded me of home.

In good spirits after an interesting journey towards Concha y Toro, on a very crowded, sticky and interesting bus ride. Very fun! 🙂

A tour of the property.

Let the tour begin.

And you think YOU have a lot of alcohol in your basement, pfft.

Just a couple glasses of red.

Carmenere wine!! Chilean wine.

Salud! With our fantastic group, after having a picnic in the sun.

I’m going to Mendoza, Argentina tomorrow after work! Photos coming soon! 🙂



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