Video for the win

Video for the win

I’m from a lazy efficient generation, most of us would rather watch an awesome video on a subject that takes ten minutes, than read four pages on the topic only taking three, because we get more out of it that way – go figure. We’re multimedia junkies baby.

I’ll be sitting an exam this Wednesday (for Spanish, yes, oh gosh yes that scary day has come), and I can’t say I’m any different. If I could drop my book and sheets of papers fill of conjugations, irregular verbs, and a mired of tenses, for an awesome video (or ten) I’d be there, with Macbook Pro tapping bells on.


Well made videos

A video done well (note done well, I’m not specifically hailing the genius of webcam videos here) can have even more of an impact than watching a person speak or merely reading some text.
This clip for example is so easy to follow and I remember its points clearly because of the interlinking audio/visual elements.


The same rules can apply for almost any mass form of communication

Take this recent campaign by New Zealand’s Labour Party for example. It is kicking the butt of the National Party’s campaign at the moment because it’s delivered in a medium people are happy to learn through. It is clear and easy to follow (slow talking, two zoom shots, incorporation of written text and pictures), emotive (use of inclusive language “our people”), educational and intelligent (facts, figures and obvious calculations). Even though Labour is not the party I have given my first vote to in the past, I have to admit that this campaign is very convincing – and gives them a very good shot at winning this thing.


Sensory magic

The multisensory influence of video is also winning in other areas. Take the wedding scene for example, I think more people will start to put their biggest investment in video over photography in the future. Footage of the Gale-Kingsbury wedding by Sean Craig Photography (New Zealand) really does capture something else very special.

A&P from Sean Craig on Vimeo.


Then there’s video for business.

I swear, I search for the promo video whenever I land on a new site. It just tells me so much more about the product/service than reading the 200 word blurb or even the page of FAQs. Here’s Tune Up’s 3 minute video explaining their product.

TuneUp Tour Video from TuneUp Media on Vimeo.


I especially like the Start-up Chile video made by


Well made videos get attention

Realistically I’ll waste my time watching videos where the content isn’t particularly usefully to me because I simply like the delivery. I’m not particularly interested in Parkor, but I watched every second of this video because it’s phenomenally made.


And clearly businesses have been tuning into this for a long time, and making videos more entertaining, and more likely for us to share. Come on, who doesn’t like cats and babies.


Well we’re paying homage to great video makers, let me leave you with this very very CRUDE mash-up of Nigella talking dirty. It’s atrocious naughty and made me laugh.


What are your favourite videos?

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