Photography: Editing done quickly

Photography: Editing done quickly

Hello!  Instead of telling you how to adjust your photos (in continuation of my last photography post) I’m going to do it for you, well kind of.

I’m giving away my favourtie Lightroom presets so you can have a play without the learning curve.  Presets literally require you to click one button (and maybe adjust the exposure a tad) once you’ve installed them, so even if you are unfamiliar with Lightroom or photo editing programmes in general, I’d suggest downloading a trial version and having a play – it’s dead easy. You can thank me later .Without any further a do, here they are with one pretty average photo, so you can see the impact they can make to any image:

Peach Pretty

I don’t use this preset a lot, but when I do it’s dramatic. It turns a photo into a piece of art by working with the curves of the photo.

I used this preset on a photo I took of the spectacular Sarah and her magnificent son Charlie.



Glowing Golden

I love using this preset with skin tones (i.e creative portraits or babies shots). It gives something magical to a photo and softens skin.

Here’s an image of one of my gorgeous brides, Renée, getting ready for her big day – a perfect candidate for the Glowing Golden preset.




Antique Brown

Antique brown you have served me well. This one works best with shots with lots of light. It give it some mystique and helps with contrast too.

The photo below, that I snapped earlier this year at Tom and Laurelle’s spectacular wedding, was a great fit for Antique Brown. Shot at Oriental Bay, Wellington.




Vintage BW

I wasn’t quite sure what to call this preset because it’s such a unique colour. It’s kind of black-and-white but with a brown tinge.

I love this preset with my sheep-shot below.




Saving presets

Once you have downloaded the files save them into your Lightroom presets folder. On my computers they are at the following locations (just change my name for your user name).

Mac: /Users/Amanda/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Develop Presets

PC: C:UsersAmandaAppDataRoamingAdobeLightroomDevelop PresetsUser Presets



What did you think?


P.s I’m sharing these files through Dropbox, I’m quite a fan actually. They give 2GB of storage which you can access anywhere, and it’s completely free. If you’re going to sign up please do it through my link (here) as I get more free storage  (bonus for me!).

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