How I lost $15,000 NZD – my low point of the year

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I’ve been toying with the idea of writing about my private affairs for a while. I love the idea of being a total professional and do value my privacy, but also realise we’re all human and all go through similar stuff. I’ve discovered that for myself though, much like some of the entrepreneurs that I’ve written about in research (see this link if you’re interested), that the private and professional domains of my life are so interlinked that separating them just draws an incomplete story, so here is my first private-but-public story, that explains where I am and how the plan for the remainder of my year has taken a huge turn.


The thing about low points is that they are often followed by a high point… well that’s what I’m telling myself this week. Ok… let me rewind and tell you about how I just lost fifteen thousand NZ dollars and why I’m not sure about what to do with the rest of my year. (more…)

Language Week

Language Week

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It’s now July, and Māori Language week in New Zealand is being kicked off. In an attempt to keep the te reo Maori (the language of New Zealand’s indigenous people) alive, New Zealanders are encouraged to embrace the use of the language for one week. Then there’s me, 9,000 kms away from New Zealand, embracing my own bilingual-ness with Spanish. I’ve been feeling like I’ve actually been making progress over the past two weeks. (more…)