When in Santiago, do as the Chileans do

When in Santiago, do as the Chileans do

Accompanying song: Oh Land – White Nights

I’ve now been in Santiago for ONE month… and to be honest it’s been lovely so far. I’ve only had one day of homesickness, mostly due to missing my fantastic friends back-home and the fact that food just doesn’t taste how I expect here! It is impossible to make a meal like I’m used to. All the ingredients are different (my self-saucing chocolate pudding tastes so strange here, I think it’s the cocoa) and none of the supermarkets I’ve visted have pre-made recipe bases! Seriously, I used to think I could cook. If I wanted to make a curry, a mince dish, well anything savory for that matter, I just went to the wall of Maggi recipe base mixes in any supermarket and looked for a sachet to my liking, followed the instructions and presto, a delicious meal! Here you cook from scratch. On the upside I now know how to cook some meals from scratch (I have an aweeeeesssome recipe for Chicken Curry which I might post on here soon).

Other events marking one-month in Chile included a small freak-out because one whole month has passed and my Spanish is still so bad. Luckily for me I have just had a really good few days of just speaking Spanish. This was assisted by the other thing that made this week awesome, I have made my first friend in a Spanish speaking environment! I know, I know, I sound like a bit of a geek saying this, but it’s so amazing having a friendship where Spanish is the language we speak. Obviously my new friend is suuuuuppppppper pacient, given how terrible my Spanish is. I just can’t tell you how much I was missing having girl friends! There are some things you just need girl company for, for example talking about boys, talking about boys and well, talking about boys. It would have been really helpful having a girl friend in my quest to find sanitary items a few weeks ago also. It turns out that tampons are not popular here. It is close to impossible to find them (sorry for the girl talk guys, consider it over).

Besides these three freakouts I have been loving all the daily discovers. It feels familiar yet the quirks are in the details. For example, any street can look reasonably familiar, but then the stop sign reads “Pared”. The Simpsons are on TV, but Homer has a deep voice and speaks Spanish (check it out here on youtube)

People here have dogs too, but they dress them in little sweaters.

And many roam free on the streets. It seems that everyone is really sweet to the stray dogs. This is one being covered up on a cold night.

Another little quirk is the different utensils. For example, manual toasters are reasonably common.

They have their own version of the kiwi dairy here, but they are one-man mobile vendors on the street (I’ll have to take a photo of this, it’s sooo cool (Kiosko)).

People here seem so romantic. Chileans are so passionate that it is impossible to go anywhere without seeming couples (young and old) demonstrating their sexual desire.

The women here look reasonably familiar to what I’m used to, yet have such long dark hair! I spent my first two weeks with serious hair envy, and found myself staring longingly at the long shiny and thick hair of women on the metro. Then a friend told me about the popularity of extension here. Upon discovering how ridiculously cheap extension are when I was getting my nails manicured on the weekend I decided to do as the Chileans chicas do, and now I too have long hair! Yay!! (Ops, I got girly again).

Here are some other little snaps taken this weekend in the richer areas of Santiago (where I’m not as afraid about my camera being stolen).


The Subway (with my new friend I mentioned earlier)….


The streets of Santiago. The Andes are generally within sight.


My favorite photo from the day is next. I feel like it really captures Santiago. Kids playing football in the park, a bit of a red haze of pollution and a city under development in the background:


The Policemen and women ride horses here!! How spectacular is that!

In the park with my amigos:

Lots of photos huh. I hope you liked them. 🙂

Thanks heaps for the comments by the way.
So awesome to know you guys are actually reading this. Mwah!


  1. such beautiful photos, my favorite is the last one! what kind of camera do you use?

    • Thanks Catherine!! I have Nikon D90 with me here. 🙂


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