Pretty picks: Flores Mosqueto

Accompanying song: Oh Land – Sun Of A Gun

Today I thought I would introduce you to one of my favourite places that I have discovered in Santiago so far, Flores Mosqueto.

It’s the most enchanted cafe that doubles as a florist shop and is situated on Mosqueto calle, a little road next to my apartment which I am in love with, in Santiago Central. They have a whole cabinet full of delicious sweets, lovely waiters and a fantastic avocado and chicken sandwich. Ñam! (“yum” in Spanish).

Although I have my most favourite cafes in Wellington (Mount Cook Cafe, Enigma Cafe and Plum Cafe) this little quirky cafe joins them on my list.

I’ve been on radio silence for a while as I have been working on a literature review for my thesis. I’m feeling a little consumed by my Master’s work at the moment, but am going to take the weekend off to study for my final spanish exam which is this Monday. I can’t wait to get out and experience more of life here – away from books and my apartment, but for now will treasure these little treats which are close by in this charming city.

I hope you’re having a lovely day and that you can take a little break to sip some herbal tea and take in some of the beauty surrounding you… no matter where you are.

Life is precious and every day must be enjoyed. Salud!

My snaps of this week’s picture perfect spot…

Mosqueto Calle…

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  1. such beautiful photos! it looks like such a darling café!


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