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Transitioning into winter… It takes at least a night of awkwardly cold sleep (where you wake up repeatedly, cold, but decide you’re too sleepy to do anything about it) to realise that more blankets are needed on the bed. I feel this year, like every year previous, I have forgotten what winter feels like and some how miss placed my brain file labelled ‘winter etiquette for optimal warmth’.

This winter a new complexity is thrown into the mix for me, a whole new city with temperatures colder than I have ever lived in (not counting the three times in my life that I have visited the snow). In preparation of this I looked at winter jackets today, and their style, and then their price tags… and decided that I’ll look another day. For now, it’s layered cardigans and a wind protector.

It’s at this time of year people like me, who are generally cold to the touch, that have warm partners are realising why they put up with a whole summer of an annoyingly hot person in their bed, flicking the blankets off and turning over repeatedly . I call these few perpetually warm people the ‘human-heaters’. My friends with partners who vary in temperature considerably to them tend to have more relationship issues in the summer months…. winter however, no problem.

Winter is the human-heaters’ season to shine. They know it, and we (human-freezers) know it, they are the solution to the ‘human-freezer’s’ winter Popsicle toes and fingers issues. It’s the currency of winter.

“…my hands? Oh yeah, they are warm, I’m always warm, I can wear a t-shirt all year round”

is the winter sales pitch for human-heater people wanting a relationship. It may sound like an innocent comment, but we know what they’re really saying – it’s the marketing strategy to human-freezers.

So for me… four extra blankets have been added to my bed. I’ve considered the logistics of short-term animal adoption to cuddle (also known as forcing to stay in my arms) and gain heat from at night like I used to as a kid, but ruled it out.

Me with Cats… and my sister. Those poor poor cats (and yes, I’m aware of the similarity between how I’m holding these animals and Elmyra Duff off Loony Toons.

Therefore I am considering my options for extra bed-time heat for the winter and am thinking of adopting my flatmate’s strategy, the old fashion hot-water bottle. From what Eileen post (check out her blog here – she is hilarious!!), this seems to be a common place in Chile.

My flatmate


To others adjusting to the winter weather I wish you many happy cups of tea, partner’s who are human-heaters, snugly animals, good jackets, and hot water bottles.

Only six weeks until I arrive in Chile, all I need now is my visa to be approved… but more on that later.



  1. Eileen Smith · Santiago, Chile
    oh yes, you’ll definitely want a guatero. And lots of tea. And maybe a bath. Thanks for the shout out, and my goodness, have you read the whole blog or what? Good luck with the winding down/up preparations!
    Like · Reply · Friday at 1:24pm

    Hello Eileen! Oh you spotted the link! 🙂
    Haha, yeah I have read lots and lots of your posts – they are SO witty! I think I’m a Chile-blog-aholic. Everyone is SO interesting!!
    On another note, Facebook commenting is going a bit haywire… hence replying like this. Thanks for stopping by!! 🙂


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