Hello! Thanks for coming to my blog! The primary motivator for this blog is to document my time exploring a new culture, language and country, Santiago de Chile – A trip I will be taking in seven weeks time. My entries will include photos, observations, stories (I’m sure there will be many the embarrassing tale to tell with coming to grips with a new language and customs), and the occasional Spanish discovery. I do very much like fitness too… so I’m sure I’ll end up throwing some of that into the mix, and of course… there will be photography.

I’d like to include a picture with most entrys… so to kick it off here’s some photos from my South American themed 24th birthday in January.
My with one of my best friends
Me with one of my besties…
I don’t know how I’ll do six-months without her.


The very fitting birthday cake R got me!
Some of my wonderful friends.
My flatmates!
At Estadio (a Wellington Latin club) dancing the night away.

I thought blogging could be a great way to keep my friends (old and new) up to date with my trip, plus I’ve found reading others’ blogs about their time in Santiago invaluable not to mention that it could also be a great way for me to keep an account of my adventure… so here goes!

Thanks for stopping by!
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Mwah! Xo

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