A Patient Idiot at an Embassy

A Patient Idiot at an Embassy

I rushed up to the Chilean embassy in my lunch break mid-march to drop off my visa application. I know, I know, two weeks earlier than I should have – but I’m excited and just want to get everything done!

I made my way across town in my lunch break from Massey University to Bolton street and excitedly walked up to the door.. knocked… rung the door bell… knocked… suddenly panicked at how much the building resembled a domestic house and decided that I should leave.

Seriously though, does this look like a house or an office to you?

Hmm, the gate that I didn’t even notice as I walked in has shut and is securely locked, meaning I’m locked in!! Back to knocking and ringing the door bell with greater urgency it is. After ringing the doorbell and knocking longer than any person under normal circumstances would, I decided that it’s time to look for an escape from this property.

The way I see it I have three options, climb the (tall) gate or wall in my pretty skirt, go down a weedy and scary looking path behind the back of the house or wait it out. An old New Zealand advertisement jumped into my head, maybe this is a test, maybe I just have to be patience to get my visa (defiantly watch the clip below, every kiwi will remember this old commercial)

Finally a man in overalls with the label saying “gate man” (I know, funny right!) arrived and the door of the embassy opened. I handed in my application meet their lovely staff at the embassy and finally got out of the property, one hour later.

But… I still don’t have my visa and managed to make a fool of myself at the embassy on my second visit… I’ll tell you more about that soon.


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